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The Role of Internet of Things (IOT) in Digital Marketing

Internet of Things (IOT) in Digital Marketing

Internet of things is becoming more and more popular now a days all around the world.

A report by Strategy Analytics suggest that over 55 percent of people and businesses know what is IOT and its advantages. It also mentioned that over 30 percent of businesses are already using IOT in one or the other form.

What is Internet of Things(IOT)?

Internet of things(IOT) is defined as the network of physical objects that may be devices, vehicles, buildings and other articles that are embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity.

IOT devices enable these objects to collect and exchange the data with each other. Marketers can use this data to study the customer’s product usage. This enables marketers to deliver more relevant messages and leads to greater customer engagement.

The IoT involves lot of object interaction by way of control or de-controlling through remote control.

These products may be called as smart products.

It is expected that by 2020 there will be 80 billion connected devices. So the impact of data sharing is huge and unpredictable. This sharing of data will change the way we live our lives. But now marketers need to take grips of internet of things now only. Because Internet of Things is going to expand in future.

How it Works?

Digital marketing, which requires the exchange of information through online platform will have to adapt to whatever forms of communication and behaviors that the users develop online.

Digital marketers would have more access to information about their prospective clients/customers who are connected to these devices.

This interaction as such will help digital marketers in understanding more about the consumer behavior through comprehensive usage of data.

The Role of IOT in Digital Marketing

The higher the number of contact devices the more the digital marketers would be able to target the potential customers and better tailor made solutions through the marketing funnel.

The other important advantage is that traffic derived by the digital marketers is that organic traffic bought in by the company website will be of data coming from IoT enabled devices.

The Internet of Things would make smart devices and networks joined together with the data sets combined enabling the customers to form a direct connection with products they are using without the intervention from any third party vendor or merchant. In addition, IoT would also be going to be challenge to digital marketers with the rapid increase of sophisticated devices requiring them to consider context and in applying methods and skills in a different way.

The Internet of Things is the connection of everyday products like cars, alarm clocks, and lights to computing devices via the internet. The IOT technology connects internet with the objects that are used in our daily lives, the marketers will be able to engage the customers in the every marketing phases.

So digital marketers need to be expert with analyzing and processing the data before working on their ‘IoT marketing strategy ‘as part of digital marketing. This large amount of data which is generated by these connected devices will allow them to capture interactions, conversion matrix and customer behaviour.


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